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In June1973 we completed our university courses in the United States -- Chris with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Jeanne with a Master of Arts in Sociology. Chris then contracted to work as a veterinarian in New Zealand for three years.  We arrived in August with our two-months-old baby, a student debt, and a lot of dreams.


                   Local newspaper photo of our arrival 

                                     (It was a slow news week!)

When our three years were up, we had the option of staying. And so we did! It's a choice we've never regretted.

In 2003 we built our current home, thinking that one day we would retire from our 9-5 jobs and share our life-long passion for "making" (we don't make a distinction between ART and CRAFT) via a studio or gallery or ??? 


                                                                                              Jeanne working on concrete pavers


    Chris carving building date on pillar                         




We opened Capstone Gallery in 2023. Our current display features our works

and stunning photographs by local artist, Warren Ixer.

Come for a visit (if you see something you like, most pieces are for sale) 

and have a chat -- we'd love to hear about your interests

to help us decide on future displays!  

                                                                                           Chris and Jeanne Boland

                                               Celebrating  Art Deco

                                                           (Napier, July 2022)

dinner at The Mission 2022_edited.jpg
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